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Chasing After The Stars

1: Runaway Romeo
2: Drive
3: Tonight
4: Again
5: I'm Not Made For The City
6: Fallen
7: All The Stars In Caledonia
8: Let's Hold On
9: This Ghost Town Knows My Name
10: When Sunset Comes Around
11: I Won't Let Sunday
12: When You Fall From The Moon
13: 'Til I find My Way

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     This is my first mainly acoustic album. Taking a cue from Springsteen's "Nebraska" I wrote and recorded the entire record in my house. For me this project was a return to my roots. When I first started to play I was inspired by my older brother Max who happened to be a folk singer back in the early seventies. The first tunes I ever learned were by Neil Young, C.S.N.Y., Jerry Jeff Walker, Jim Croce and Gordon Lightfoot. Many was the morning before school when I would listen to "After the Goldrush" or "Deja Vu". Recently I had been reintrduced to what is now being called Americana by the likes of Son Volt, Wilco, Steve Earle, Steve Forbert, and Gram Parsons. I had been playing mostly acoustic gigs and just sort of fell into finding these artists that weren't afraid to write beautiful, poetic songs. The focus of this genre is on the songs and musicianship which appeals to me very much. Also, I really wanted to grow as a songwriter and set about writing about what I know. There are many songs about growing up in a small rural town and how I feel about the way that lifestyle is disappearing. I wrote about the people and places and relationships I have experienced in this setting. By far, this is my most personal writing to date. This album was a great learning experience as I created every aspect of it from first note to sliding the finished disc into the poly bag. I am very happy with how it turned out and I hope you will enjoy it.

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