"Runaway Romeo"

I've been too stoned to get up too drunk to walk away
I've talked to myself  'til there's nothing left to say
Well, I think I've had enough 'cause darling I'm not that rough

So walk a mile in my shoes go where angels fear to tread
Down past the mission where I wept and bled
Lift me up dust me off I'll hold tight and never let you go
I swear I won't be your runaway Romeo

I've been too tired to sleep punch drunk and crazy from the heat
I've been washed up put down left out in the street
Girl you set my soul on fire can't you see the flames getting higher


We've both been hurt before I don't want to hurt anymore



Annie grew up in a guilder town, but she wanted something better
Then Saturday nights at the 24 seven, after the bars were closed
Then one day she had about enough, she bought her ticket out of nowhere
Found true love on a Greyhound bus, headed out to Colorado

I'm gonna take myself to the next town over, I ain't gonna look back over my shoulder
I wanna feel like I'm alive, I'm gonna get into my car and drive, yeah yeah

I got a lot of livin' left to do, long as I'm young enough to get there
Used to be you didn't have to worry 'bout nothing 'cept finding a girl to hold on to
But these days have gotten turned around, and their coming up behind you
You better watch out 'cause it's getting kind of deep, what else can a poor boy do


Lately I've been thinking 'bout you, I don't know what I'm supposed to do
I don't wanna find another and I don't wanna be by myself
Maybe I could come on over and you could give me a little help



I saw you at the breakfast table, just the other day
You asked me if we were able, to carry on this way

Let's keep the world outside tonight, tonight
We'll make the world alright tonight. tonight

Yesterday has come and gone, on vagabond shoes
Out the door with my payment, on the last of our dues


I know we've suffered, just to get by
But this time we'll make it, so just give us one last try



Well I'm waiting in Penn Station, on Ethan Allen, to take me to my home again
Anticipation, has got me rushing, when I think about the girl I left alone

When I see you tonight, under shining diamonds
You put my head in the clouds again

There's a breadcrumb trail of garbage, along the Hudson
That leads me to my home again


You're my desire, the light and the fire
You still inspire me to go higher, higher and higher


"I'm Not Made For The City"

Used to know a girl, down country way
A little too hung up on me
Well she thought she could take me from everything I knew
To the world she'd give me the key

I'm not made for the city, I'm just not made for the city

When I was a young man just out of school
Went out searching for greater things
All I found was I missed what I left behind
It was all I'd ever need


I don't need to roll like thunder, or flash like lightning 'cross the sky
All I need is some time with my country girl, you know I'll be satisfied





Flow on down the river, climb all the mountains in my hometown for you
Blue like your eyes, I swim within deeply in my dreams to you

And if I could I'd catch myself but it looks just like I've fallen for you

Well I still find time for crying, when I'm all alone it's there for you
And if you don't mind lying, I'll tell you I was fine when you stepped from view


There's no mistaking, you're not forsaken, It's a long haul dedication
I was scared and all alone, even called myself on the telephone

Flow on down the river, find your way home down strange unfamiliar streets
And you can lean on my shoulder, when your not sure who you are I'll pull you lose to me