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Once Lost, Then Torn Down

1: Small Town Heroes
2: Looks Like Home to Me
3: Faraway Canyon
4: Long Way Down
5: The True American
6: I've Got a Girl (w/ a Bad Reputation)
7: Where is Your Hero Now
8: Drive
9: Saturn
10: In My Hometown
11: The Ballad of Horace Greene
12: Tougher Than That
13: This Brokedown Heart

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  This record was a long time from concept to completion. The first tunes were written in 2000. In fact, some of the song titles may seem familiar as they have appeared on my acoustic albums "Chasing After the Stars", "Leaving Despair", and "Live and Alone". The reason for this was that even though I had conceived of  this record, I used some tunes as I needed them for my previous albums with the full intention that they would appear on "Once Lost, Then Torn Down" in their fully realized  form.

This record has stories of small town heroism, tragedy, and drama threaded throughout with a few straight up fun rockers sprinkled in for good measure. It is my stand against the strangulation of the American Dream. As greed, hypocrisy, and evil take their toll on the American working class it is my little voice calling to others who feel the way that I do and who want America to be as great as it once was, and should be. I particularly want to draw attention to the plight and struggle of the American farmer with this cd.

This album is also my way of flying in the face of the current music scene. I am a real working class American. I'll never be called a pretty boy and I grew up eating, living and breathing Rock and Roll. This album should serve as a testament that as long as I'm alive I will fight to keep Rock alive and well. I hope you enjoy this disc.   - Duane - 

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