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1: Small Town Heroes
2: Looks Like Home to Me
3: Drive
4: Saturn
5: In My Hometown
6: Long Way Down
7: Tougher Than That

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Live at the Paramount Theatre

     This is my first DVD. It was recorded on a scorching summer night in June of 2005. I was opening for 80's icons, Loverboy. I hope your sitting down as the story here is a little involved. About six months prior, I happened to be chatting with one of the people who books for The Paramount. We were discussing who they had booked to come to town. It came out that Paul Rodgers was slated to perform. I excitedly said that I would be attending the show as he was one of my all time heroes. It was then suggested that perhaps I should open the show. I agreed wholeheartedly! The booker then expressed that he hoped I had some up tempo material as he was unfamiliar with my act. I chuckled to myself and said I didn't think it was a problem.
    Well, it turns out that Paul had started doing gigs with Queen and they went rather well. I was concerned that this would affect my booking and was on pins and needles for the next four months. One thing led to another and Paul decided that he needed to cancel his Rutland VT performance. This decision came after the ads for the concert had run for two weeks (when I saw the ads, I thought I was in the clear and it was on...oh well). Some scrambling was done and a replacement headliner was found in the form of Loverboy. It ended up being one of the fastest box office sellouts for The Paramount.
    We arrived on the day of the show to set up for sound check three hours before show time per our instructions. We soon found ourselves in the middle of the classic case of opening act hell. The road manager for Loverboy had come in and made the Paramount crew tear down the entire stage set up in order to move it all over six inches (no lie). He proceeded to tell us to be ready to set up at the side of the stage at which time he launched into the most ridiculous three hour sound check in history. Twenty minutes alone was spent checking and EQing the cowbell mic. It became obvious to us that his intention was to waste enough time so as not to give us any time to sound check. When the booking person asked if he could hurry it up
since people were now waiting in the lobby and we needed a sound check, He asserted that we were only there because they were there (a fact that my drummer Ross Edmunds pointed out was incorrect as we had been booked before them to open for Paul Rodgers and they were only there because Paul wasn't. Just as a side point, Ross and I were in our first band together in school and used to play Loverboy tunes way back then). Anyway, we decided not to let it rattle us as we were very well rehearsed and after doing our soundcheck which consisted of about five minutes of time, we hit the 125 degree heat of the stage and delivered the set which appears on this DVD (with up tempo tunes included).  - DC -