Jeff is an alumni of such regional bands as Apathy Jones, Stone Zoo, and The Luv Machine. A tasteful and skilled guitarist in his own right he adds his formidable talents to The Backwoods Messiahs on both guitar and mandolin (and occasionally bass).

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JP-Lap.jpg (104863 bytes)

Jeff soars on the lap steel at 3DDD's 2015...

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Jeff is the rumble at the Long Trail Century Ride. photos provided by Robin of Creative Images By Robin...

JP-LT-1.jpg (72663 bytes)

Jeff playing the funk at Long Trail Brewery in Bridgewater, VT 6/2013

Jeff-Tracking.jpg (90535 bytes)

Jeff playing bass on Duane's upcoming album.

Messiahs-3D-2012-2.jpg (103059 bytes)

Jeff and special guest drummer, Russ Lawton laying down a deep, deep groove at 3D's in Rutland, VT 11-10-2012

JP-1-Pickle-2012.jpg (61784 bytes)

Jeff has a reflective moment at The Pickle Barrel 2012

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Jeff rocks the bottom end...hard!!

3D-H1.jpg (104728 bytes)

Michael Myers critiques Jeff's performance 11/29/2011

Killington-Beni-JP-solo-3.jpg (45165 bytes)

Jeff soars at The Killington Benefit October 2, 2011

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Here's five shots provided by Michael O'Brien of the Main Street Park show.

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Jeff at Harvest Moon 2009 in some more Michael O' Brien provided pictures...nice.

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Jeff recording bass tracks for Duane's album, "Rust".....and his little friend.....

Solarfest-2011-DC-JP-3-16.jpg (26588 bytes) Solarfest-2011-DC-JP-4-18.jpg (26718 bytes) Solarfest-2011-DC-JP-5-19.jpg (27239 bytes) Solarfest-2011-DC-JP-6-20.jpg (28055 bytes) Solarfest-2011-Jeff-2-4.jpg (23556 bytes) Solarfest-2011-Jeff-3.jpg (26716 bytes) Solarfest-2011-Jeff-6.jpg (28368 bytes) Solarfest-2011-JP-23.jpg (26599 bytes)

Jeff ripping it up with The Solarfest House Band 2011!!!