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1: Walking Woodlawn
2: In a Nowhere Town
3: Rust
4: This Ghost Town Knows My Name
5: You Can't Lose What You Never Had
6: Rain On The Farm
7: Broken
8: Runaway Romeo
9: Leaving Despair
10: Until You Come Around
11: All I Ever Wanted
12: Pushing The World Away
13: God Never Needed a Gun
14: Tonight

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I dug deep for this record. A lot of frustration went into the writing of this record. Frustrated at the continued decline of the working class, the disappearing American dream, and the decline of the recording industry, I set out to make what I hoped would be my finest piece of work. Every day I watch as the working class people in my rural community struggle against a crushing tide, intent upon ripping their way of life apart. I also watch as the music industry crumbles, with people looking for the instant gratification, the single instead of the album. Where are the great works of art from this generation, the "Dark Side of the Moon", the "Sergeant Pepper" ? I am bucking the short attention span trend, the song about nothing trend, by releasing this Americana concept album. Yes, you can listen to each of the songs on their own, but you may also listen to it as complete work. This record is meant as a piece of art for the people. It is my lament for the people whom I view as my contemporaries, my friends, whom I fight the good fight with side by side and shoulder to shoulder with each and every day. These are my songs for them. These are my songs for you.


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