Just take some pictures of Duane performing at a show, fans at a show, or fans with Duane and e-mail them via the Send Email button to the left.

Lynch-bros-thumbs-up-2.jpg (92721 bytes)

Duane and Tim a.k.a. The Lynch Bros. 

DC-and-DJ-2014.jpg (72610 bytes)

Duane and DJ Dave at Jax.....gosh DJ looks happy....

DC-and-Joe.jpg (24896 bytes)

Duane and Joe singing their hearts out at Jax....

DC-and-Stephanie-Copley.jpg (113364 bytes)

Duane and Stephanie sing "Angel From Montgomery" for Franco....

DC-and-Boner.jpg (49126 bytes)

Duane and Boner....yes....Boner...belting it out at The Foundry

DC-AW-Pegtv.jpg (106226 bytes)

Duane and Amanda Wheeler at PEG TV 3/2013

DC-and-Annie.jpg (42703 bytes)

Duane and Annie Stewart in Center Rutland, VT 2012

DC-and-Ashley.jpg (47579 bytes)

Duane and Ashley at Jax in Killington

Duane-and-Jack-3D-1.jpg (37649 bytes)

Duane and Jack belt it out....Rock and Roll!!!

Duane-3D-slash.jpg (42717 bytes)

Everyone's a critic....

3D-H2.jpg (123789 bytes)

This is either a groupie giving Duane her room key or Gary Boyles as The Joker for Halloween at 3D's 11/29/2011

DC-Jess.jpg (36554 bytes) DC-Jess-7.jpg (36775 bytes) DC-Jess-8.jpg (36150 bytes) 

Some photos taken by Jessica Stanley for an interview she did with Duane is October of 2011.

SM-Pub-42-1.jpg (27658 bytes)  SM-Pub-42-2.jpg (30265 bytes) SM-Pub-42-3.jpg (30491 bytes) SM-Pub-42-4.jpg (24783 bytes) 

Babes and classic rock at Pub 42 5/21/11 with The Spacemonkees!!! Thanks for the photos Mindy :)

Toast-to-Ohio.jpg (29961 bytes)

Here's a toast to the taste of Ohio at Snow Shed Base Lodge!!!

DC-and-Tim-at-Mahogany.jpg (26188 bytes) Duane-and-Tim-at-Mahogany.jpg (26468 bytes)

Here are some pics and a video sent in by our friend Tom.

To view video click here.

DC-Merry-X-Mas-09.jpg (28493 bytes) DC-and-Friends.jpg (29116 bytes)

Duane and some friends....let's see, there's Ed and "Hooch" and Grey Goose.......

DC-Harvest-Moon-09-not-play.jpg (27019 bytes)

Duane at Harvest Moon 2009...a face only a mother could love...or could she. Sent in by Sonia.

Duane-and-Tim-Pico-2.jpg (26652 bytes)

NJ and CT come together with Duane and Tim at Pico 12/09!!!

Ollies-03-1.jpg (14750 bytes) Ollies-03-2.jpg (14597 bytes)

Here is a cool video from 2003 of Duane in the Olliewood House Band pretending to be Joe Walsh. Sent in by John a.k.a. Daddy Spanky Payne!!!

To view this video click here

Center-10.jpg (22524 bytes)

Here's a lovely work sent in by artist Helen Blanchard......very cool!

DC-Peace.jpg (17929 bytes)

Is that a halo?

VTC1.jpg (23195 bytes) VTC12.jpg (26848 bytes)

Before the storm and during....Thanks Sean!

DC-and-Bacardi-Girls.jpg (23400 bytes)

Aaaaay, how you doin'? Duane with his new backup singers, The Bacardi Girls, at Jax in Killington VT......oh yeah!

DC-Clear-01-09_009.jpg (24026 bytes)

Here's a nice shot at The Clear River Tavern 1/29/09 sent in by Keith and Vicky. The camera only got slightly broken in the process.

Duane-Freaker-SF.jpg (23402 bytes)

Here's a shot of Duane at The Freaker's Ball. Thanks to Sean Fahey for the pic:)

Jeep-Mud.jpg (19052 bytes) Jeep-Mud-2.jpg (17673 bytes)

The Jeep Jamboree in Killington VT made this video of their exploits set to Duane's music...we like it when folks get creative:)

To view video click here.

Shaw-1.jpg (26269 bytes) Shaw-2.jpg (20715 bytes)

Cindy sent in these pictures of Duane performing at the Shaw's 60th wedding anniversary along with Ken Shaw 6/28/08.

DC-ZZ-Top-1.jpg (20974 bytes) DC-ZZ-Top-4.jpg (20386 bytes) Messiahs-ZZ-Top-1.jpg (26293 bytes) DC-Jeff-and-Ben-ZZ-Top-1.jpg (24220 bytes) Messiahs-ZZ-Top-2.jpg (24036 bytes) Messiahs-ZZ-Top-3.jpg (26122 bytes) Messiahs-ZZ-Top-4.jpg (27497 bytes)

Lori and Cathy sent these shots from the ZZ Top show as well! Who's afraid of thunder and lightning...we're "Tougher Than That"!!!

DC-and-Jim-VT-Rally.jpg (24984 bytes) DC-and-Jeff-VT-Rally.jpg (20691 bytes) DC-VT-Rally.jpg (15547 bytes) Messiahs-VT-Rally-1.jpg (27000 bytes) Messiahs-VT-Rally-2.jpg (20643 bytes) Messiahs-VT-Rally-3.jpg (17481 bytes) Messiahs-VT-Rally-4.jpg (25076 bytes) Messiahs-VT-Rally-5.jpg (24296 bytes) 

Lori and Cathy sent these great shots of Duane and The Backwoods Messiahs playing at The VT Rally 6/7/08. Thanks ladies:)

DC-ZZ-Top.jpg (27068 bytes) DC-ZZ-Top-2.jpg (24724 bytes) DC-ZZ-Top-3.jpg (19972 bytes)

Shots of Duane opening for ZZ Top 6/21/08. Duane's buddy Ed sent these along before the show was even over!!!

DC-Flag-1.jpg (26433 bytes) DC-Flag-2.jpg (26857 bytes)

Here are a couple of outtakes from the photo shoot for Duane's upcoming album "American Boy" taken by Keith Edmunds.

duane-carleton-1-WBKM.jpg (18953 bytes) duane-carleton-3-WBKM.jpg (19941 bytes)

Duane playing and doing an interview with Tony at WBKM in Burlington VT 3/26/08. To hear the first half of the interview go here.

DC-Outback-0208.jpg (23469 bytes)

Here's a photo of Duane back on the small stage at The Outback in Killington VT 1/31/08. Thanks Ed!

DC-Stratton-08-1.jpg (18026 bytes) DC-Stratton-08-2.jpg (19575 bytes) DC-Stratton-08-3.jpg (17401 bytes) DC-Stratton-08-4.jpg (20414 bytes) DC-Stratton-08-5.jpg (17107 bytes) DC-Stratton-08-6.jpg (21837 bytes) DC-Stratton-08-7.jpg (20449 bytes)

Some photos of Duane at Grizzly's in Stratton VT 1/10/08 taken by Nick, Joe, and Paul (a couple of fine gentleman from Long Island, NY) 

DC-Couch-Studio.jpg (21258 bytes) DC-doing-vocals-1.jpg (20597 bytes) DC-doing-vocals-2.jpg (16547 bytes) DC-doing-vocals-3.jpg (17071 bytes)

Duane working in the studio on his new record "American Boy" 10/15/07.

Duane-and-The-Fox.jpg (21715 bytes)

Duane about to be crushed by the 101.5 WEXP/WTHK Fox.

DC-Old-Clear.jpg (29096 bytes) DC-Old-Clear-2.jpg (21697 bytes) DC-Old-Clear-3.jpg (20226 bytes)

Here are some old photos of Duane at Taylor's Clear River Tavern, shot by Taylor himself!

DC-at-C4.jpg (22824 bytes) DC-at-C7.jpg (26769 bytes)

Duane and Lori at Taylor's Clear River Tavern '07 (thanks for the pics Cathy)

DC-and-Rob.jpg (27048 bytes)

Duane and Rob at The Paramount Theatre in Rutland VT 2/3/07. To see video of Duane's performance at this show click here.

duane&holly-at-stratton.jpg (18223 bytes)

Duane and Holly rocking it at Grizzly's in Stratton VT 2/22/07

DC-and-Ed-R.jpg (19867 bytes)

Duane and Ed at Taylor's Clear River 12/30/06 

duaneshirt.jpg (23899 bytes) 

Check out Dave Guilmette's (of the band Fuzzbox) cool shirt!!!

DC-and-Kristen.jpg (17966 bytes) DC-Kristen-and-Jill.jpg (13503 bytes)

Duane and Kristen at The Pickle Barrel after Duane and the Backwoods Messiahs opened for Bret Michaels of Poison and with Jill at The Outback.  

Duane-Peace-Sign-Stowe.jpg (14274 bytes) Duane-Evil-Face.jpg (11089 bytes)

Duane letting his hippieness show and doing his best evil Ozzy Osbourne face at Charlie B's in Stowe VT. Pics provided by Keith Odell.

DC-CD-Release-01.jpg (22150 bytes) DC-CD-Release-02.jpg (20580 bytes) DC-CD-Release-03.jpg (21072 bytes) DC-CD-Release-04.jpg (21519 bytes) 

Some pictures of Duane and The Backwoods Messiahs at Taylor's Clear River Tavern on 9/30/06 to celebrate the release of "Once Lost, Then Torn Down". Pics provided by Alyssa Todd

Stephanie-and-Duane.jpg (18557 bytes) Doug-and-Duane.jpg (14702 bytes)

Stephanie, Doug, and Duane at Taylor's Clear River Tavern in Pittsfield VT New Year's Eve 2006

DC-and-Steph-Clear.jpg (19112 bytes)

Duane and Stephanie at her going away party at Taylor's Clear River Tavern 2006. 

JLD.jpg (30377 bytes) DCLB.jpg (49519 bytes) DCLB2.jpg (37661 bytes)

Jay, Lindsay, and Duane at The Night Spot/Outback in Killington VT 2005/2006

Holly&Acoustic1.jpg (42154 bytes) Holly&Acoustic2.jpg (34074 bytes)

Holly rips it up with Acoustic Alley at The Night Spot/Outback in Killington VT 2005

100_0075.jpg (50530 bytes)

Fan shot pic from Taylor's Clear River Tavern in Pittsfield VT 2005

5x7.jpg (54429 bytes)

Duane and Damian at The Night Spot/ Outback in Killington VT 2005

Outback-(5-8-2004).jpg (110286 bytes)

Yeeehaaaaw! Sharon and Duane rocking out at The Night Spot/Outback  in Killington VT 5/8/2004

  duaneandtheringleaders.jpg (41298 bytes)

Duane, Kelly, and Jen (the Jersey Girls) performing a Springsteen tribute at Charlie B's in Stowe VT 4/1/05

Duane-and-Keith.jpg (33909 bytes)

Duane and Keith in Derry NH 5/28/05

DC-BBQ-Ed-1.jpg (25603 bytes) DC-BBQ-Ed-2.jpg (27603 bytes) 

Some pictures of Duane and the band at Taylor's BBQ 7/2/06 provided by Ed Reeve. 

DC-and-Bill.jpg (31205 bytes)

Duane Carleton and Wild Bill at Ashley Carleton's wedding!!! 

DC-WS-and-Stew-H-Moon-10.jpg (35607 bytes)

Wayne Surrell, DC, and John Stewart at Harvest Moon 2010

DC-and-Art-Chase.jpg (26866 bytes)

Duane Carleton and Art Chase in the studio adding tracks to Art's latest single.

Holly&Acoustic1.jpg (42154 bytes) Holly&Acoustic2.jpg (34074 bytes) Holly-1.jpg (17600 bytes) Holly-2.jpg (24162 bytes) Holly-3.jpg (24533 bytes) Holly-4.jpg (25163 bytes) duane&holly-at-stratton.jpg (18223 bytes)

Here's a little collection of pics of Duane's friend Holly sitting in. 

To hear her with Duane and keyboardist Tim Lynch click here.

DC-and-DT-Peak-Bus.jpg (28692 bytes)

Duane and the infamous Uncle Dave Tibbs with the Peak Party Bus 10/31/07. Thank you Uncle Dave....you rock cuz!!!

Copy of DC AND MENTOR, BROTHER MAX.jpg (12737 bytes)

With mentor and original owner of the old Guild, brother, Maxwell Carleton.

Copy of DC AND JAMIE.jpg (16376 bytes)

With friend Jamie Cortez live at Charlie B's in The Stoweflake Resort in Stowe VT.

DC-and-Jamie-Stowe.jpg (17399 bytes) DC-and-Jamie-Stowe-2.jpg (20634 bytes) 

And again with Jamie at Stowflake 5/30/08

Copy of DC AND BOB O'CONNOR.jpg (12811 bytes)

With friend and former owner of Marcia B's Roadhouse in Rutland VT, Bob O'Connor.

Within-Reason.jpg (23439 bytes) Within-Reason-2.jpg (22568 bytes) DC-Within-Reason.jpg (15319 bytes) KM-Within-Reason-1.jpg (20437 bytes)

Within Reason (an acoustic duo comprised of Duane, who's sporting a serious Mansonesque goatee and Keith McGee) with special guest Bob Boyer on bass. 

To check them out click here

Copy of DC AND WAYNE SURRELL.jpg (12851 bytes) Copy-of-Jezzum-Crows.jpg (40457 bytes) Copy-of-Jeezum-Crows-Live.jpg (66211 bytes)

The Jeezum Crow's (Duane and Wayne Surrell) at The Crow's Nest Restaurant in West Rutland VT. and in Middletown Springs.
To hear the Jeezum Crow's, click on this link.
Happier Blue

Copy of DC, CURT, AND RICK.jpg (11076 bytes)

Duane, Rick Redington, and Curt Stannard

Clear-River-3.jpg (35129 bytes) Copy-of-Clear-River-2.jpg (31393 bytes)

Duane with Jimmy Rector playing his Wechter

Duane-and-Jim-Solarfest.jpg (41692 bytes)

Duane and Jim Gilmour at Solarfest '03

Here's Duane and Jim playing "Copperhead Road". Click here.

 Duane-and-Sno.jpg (52173 bytes) Jordan-Myk-and-Duane.jpg (72781 bytes)

Duane with Myk and Jordan Sno

Duane-and-Kevin.jpg (38597 bytes)

Duane and Kevin Burke

Duane-and-Rick.jpg (36417 bytes) Duane-and-Rick B day.jpg (46295 bytes)

Duane and Rick Redington

DC-Band-Loverboy-Show-1.jpg (23988 bytes) DC-Band-Loverboy-Show-2.jpg (21086 bytes)

Duane Carleton and band 6/5/05
L-R, Ross Edmunds, Jeff Poremski. Steve Mulholland, Duane Carleton, Tim Lynch