"Looks Like Home to Me"

I got my heart, I got my wheels
I'm rolling just the way that I feel
I don't need no wings to get to Heaven

So go your way, I'll go mine
And if it takes me an extra mile
I don't mind, I'm still rolling sevens

Well I must be where I wanna be,
'cause when I look around
Looks like home to me

I got my nerve, I got my steel
I got one hand on the wheel
And the other hand on the radio

I was born in this town
In the shadow of a mountain
That's where they'll lay me down when it's my time to go


I'm just a small town boy but I get the big picture
You gotta find out where you fit in
And find the things that fit you

"All I Ever Wanted"

They say you only hurt the one you love
Darlin' I must love you more than anyone
And I love you more, than I did before
All the days before today

I scream when it's quiet and no one hears it but me
I kick at the world and no one feels it but me
I don't wanna feel this way, I don't wanna be this way
All I ever wanted was to be with you

Remember when I'd stay out and I wouldn't call
And all the times I lost my cool over nothing at all
And I'd hang my head, if I thought it would
Do me any good


And I don't know why I keep falling on my face
But while you're falling out of love, I'll keep falling from grace

"Leaving Despair"

Woke up this morning, somewhere in space
Wondering how I got to this place
I couldn't look in the mirror, 'cause I couldn't face
The look in the eyes that I'd see there

So come on darlin' let's put up a fight
When we look in the mirror, we'll see our taillights
Tiny afterburners on a burned out flight
And we'll be leaving despair tonight

The street lamps are reaching up for the sky
The hold up is over, there's no reason why
That we both won't turn into stars as we drive
And float up from all of our cares


The clock on the wall is flexing it's muscles, racing to get to the end
I wanna get out of this hustle and bustle, and start all over again

From up on the highway you can see your way clear
And every way out away from here
But your afraid if you move, you might disappear
Into the thinness of air

"Goin' Hollywood"

I'm getting tired of my surroundings, I'm getting sick of being bored
Gonna get up off the floor, pack up my old Ford
Head out west and get a little more

I'm goin' Hollywood, I'm goin' Hollywood
I just have to look right, I don't have to be good
I'm goin' all the way in Hollywood

Gonna have big rings on every finger, gonna have a model on each arm
They won't have to pout, gonna make 'em scream and shout
Gonna give 'em every inch of my charm


Ten years down the line I'll be in rehab, getting over all the fun I've had
You might think my ass is slung but when my tell all book is done
I'll be right back on the highest rung

"The True American"

I am a child from no where, and no one is my name
I got  no place I need to go, having nothing is my shame
Everyday when I wake up, I do the best I can
I ain't ashamed of what I am, 'cause I'm the true American

My brother works in a factory, give 'em nearly half his life
All he makes can barely pay his bills and his ex-wife
They'll spit him out when he's chewed up, give his job to a younger man
And throw him on the pile with all the true Americans

There ain't no use in complaining, that's just the way it goes
There are some folks born to win, but they ain't the ones I know

My father crucified himself to keep his family fed
At the supper table we'd sit in silence while he bled
When his time came too soon, he walked into the promised land
Jesus wept and shook the hand of the true American

"The Ballad of Horace Greene"

Horace Greene was a good man, the kind to lend a helping hand
He came from a long line of farming men
that started when his great, great grandaddy bought this land

Some men's dreams can fill up the sky, and other's dream of just getting by
Horace dreamed when his boy was a man he'd take up the family way and work this land

How many times can you kick a man down, 'til you've kicked him into the ground
How much of his soul can you tear away, 'til there's nothing left to save

Turn back the clock to '78, milk prices then were the same as today
When it's thirteen to produce and eleven to sell, don't take long to dig yourself straight to hell


The hounds came howling 'round the Greene family door, they'd mortgage it all and then a little more
When the bank finally foreclosed on the loan, all Horace had was a handwritten note
That they found in his pocket as he hung from a tree, said "it ain't right what's been done to me"
"And you can take my blood and you can take my life, but my spirit runs free tonight"

"Fallen Down Angel"

Cold rainy ending to summer, the north wind is starting to blow
I know I'll never out run 'er, I could leave but I'll never go

Feels like you're right 'round the corner, your perfume is still in the air
Wish I could laugh at the shadows, I'm scared of what's hiding in there

Heaven is so very far away, I guess that it's just where you make it
Together we'll get through another day, I'll lift you up fallen down angel

Sometimes you get what's coming, other times nothing at all
Other times still you get nothing at all, you wonder when will I learn


Late last night 4 a.m., heard you in the next room crying
With regrets and recollections for company, tomorrow's another day trying

"Take Me to Chelsea"

Take me to Chesea in the morning, where I can feel alright
I think of her eyes shining bright and makes me change my mind
So, take me to Chelsea tonight

I was headed down a back road, when I saw an angel or so it seemed
She said, "I know you want me but, you can't have me, unless you've got the ways and means"


She can do the pony it doesn't look one bit phony
She's one horse power all the way
And you can't catch her unless you want to
Keep on trying 'til the judgement day


You're never gonna get that girl, unless you're going all the way
Pull out the stops, wait for that shoe to drop, and let the chips fall where they may