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Last Kiss of Orion

1: Prelude
2: Last Kiss of Orion
3: Gypsy's Son
4: Trouble is My Shadow
5: Falling through the Cracks
6: Into the Blizzard/Ocean of Moments
7: Can't Lie to Me
8: Lost in Illusions
9: Midnight Blue

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This album was one of the first (if not the actual first) full album recorded at the new Mt Hollywood Studio. It heralds the return of Jim Gilmour and Rob Beanland. In addition, it features John Harris on bass, Lloyd Herrman on drums, and vocals by Sally Carleton, Claudine Langille, and Rick Redington. It probably served as somewhat of a catalyst as within a short period of time I would end up joining John and Lloyd in the Sandra Wright Band who I would end up touring with for a year. I did manage to sell out of this album before joining up with them and it therefore has not been available since 1993. It too was only originally available as a cassette. I was definitely obsessed with Hendrix and Trower by this point (it was my childhood dream to be the next Hendrix...funny how things turn out some times isn't it?). There are some things that surprised me as I revisited this album these many years later. Compared to the two previous releases the guitar playing finally starts to get some legs under it in a few points. It does feature a few tunes that I resurrected when I reformed TPA and then re-recorded on "Ghosts on the Road"   
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