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1: Primadonna
2: Wading In The Sun
3: King Of Me
4: I Am
5: Wild Dogs
6: Find My Way Down
7: Star Tripping
8: 'Vegas
9: 2 Mary's
10: Faeries Wear Boots

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     This album was a milestone in my career. It was the first time that I had an outside producer involved and the results speak for themselves. Bob Boyer and Tim Lynch from The Recording Company in Schenectady NY really kicked this disc up several notches. They knew when to push for better performances and when something had a cool "vibe". I learned a great deal about arranging, and producing from these guys and I thank them for that as well as Keith McGee for making the initial introductions. There is a special aura around that studio. The whole time the studio was ever evolving and changing around us as Tim would decide that we needed a different piece of gear for certain applications as we went. The disc was recorded between 1996 and 1997. We had several marathon sessions that went late into the night. Tim's mother would be cooking and bringing us food and was very tolerant of my excessive volume as the Marshall's and Soldano's were raging in all their glory. The track "Find My Way Down" was just recently used for the ending credits in the horror movie "Arachnia". Cover art was provided by Gary LaVallee, another regular around the studio and was designed around a play on words. I wanted it to look like Las Vegas when in reality it is about my hometown, Rutland VT which is known to the locals as RutVegas, hence, 'Vegas. I am still very proud of this record and it's creation was a very special event in my life. The people involved are not only some of the finest musicians I've been fortunate enough to play and record with but some of my closest friends. Musicians on this album were myself on guitar and vocals, Steve Mulholland on bass, and Bob Boyer on drums. The secrets I'll give away on this on are that Bob was actually the infamous YoYoMaMa that played the cello and that the Khidyi drum that he played was really his daughter Francesca's kiddie (get it) drum.

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