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1: Left Out in the Cold
2: Best Game in Town
3: Into the Blizzard/Ocean of Moments
4: You
5: Ghosts on the Road
6: Child of Yesterday
7: Last Kiss of Orion
8: Shame, Shame
9: When are you Gonna Come Down
10: Lost in Illusions
11: Gypsy Son

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Ghosts On The Road

     This album was recorded in 1995 at Mt. Hollywood Studios on 24 track 2" tape. Musicians were myself on guitar and vocals, Steve Mulholland on bass and vocals, and Mike Mumblo on drums and vocals. The band in this stage were very much about playing more challenging technical material with a rock edge. Inspiration was provided by bands by the likes of Gov't Mule, Cream, Mountain, and Free. I really love Paul Kossof's guitar playing and the rawness of the old Free records. Since, this was my first foray into producing and mixing I tried to approach the album with that energy in mind. I decided simpler was better and tracked all guitars with one amp and all solos with another. All tracks were performed and recorded in one room with the whole band together. There was only one mishap that I remember which was when Phil the engineer accidently erased the entire middle section of "Into The Blizzard/Ocean Of Moments". This was a 10 minute opus that was recorded live with the interplay between the band playing a very important role, so there was no way to punch in and fix it. We ended up re-recording the entire tune which yeilded a particularly magical track. So, I guess that Phil did us a favor in the long run. This version of the band was a lot of fun musically as it was challenging and we spent many hours rehearsing and working out parts as well as performing a great deal. Nick Goldsmith provided us with the album cover photo of a dead coyote on the roadside in New Mexico. We took a lot of flack for it as too many people don't know the difference between a coyote and a dog. We figured that controversy was good and since neither we nor Nick had killed it (incidently he found it as it lies in the picture and people driving by gave him a hard time when he took the photo) we had done just fine by immortalizing it.

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